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MAX PRO CRM automation to make your life easy!

Use our unique BOSS system to get your website
listed on multiple online directories for high visibility

MAXR / EZCARD APP - Powerful, Affordable

GO MOBILE with your business, crazy affordable


Up to 20% Instant Cashback (they save, you earn)

Give your customers a reason to LOVE you!

P.S. You and your family can use the cashback app also!

Technology should not be complicated.

It should just work.

And it should remind them of you!

Three Business Technologies

and all can work together!

Starfish / Cashback App

For in-store and online purchases

Works at Amazon, Walmart, 500+ major retailers

Local store applications coming soon

Works on mobile, desktop, and table

Makes a perfect Customer VIP & Loyalty program

MaxR App / EZcard

Go Mobile with your Business

Smartphones are used more and more for online searches, purchases, and decisions.

Make sure YOUR business is fully mobile. Using our proprietary technology, the price is ridiculously affordable.


Customer Relationship Management Tools & AI-driven Automations

Utilize simple but powerful, AI-driven automations for your business with the Max Pro CRM, a back-end software system with every major feature you need to easily manage your business - websites, funnels, shopping carts, emails and text messages, campaigns, and automations.

Joel Saxe

From the first moment I met Greg Sanders I was completely impressed on many levels. His level of integrity in terms of how he conducts himself, trustworthiness and selflessness is matched by very few people that I know.

Joyce Shalkowski

Working with Greg has been incredibly valuable, both personally and professionally. Overall, I highly recommend Max technology to anyone looking to grow their business.


How can I learn more?

Just book an appointment with Dr. Greg Sanders, creator of the MaxR App and EZcard technology, and qualified expert with the Starfish app & Max Pro CRM.

You can also reach Dr. Sanders at 618-335-9468, or

Did you develop these technologies yourself?

YES for the EZcard (now also MaxR App), which I first created in 2014 to make you look GREAT on mobile, and then reinvented for early release in 2024 as a powerful enhancement to online networking (with its built-in directory system).

NO in term of DESIGN for the Starfish cashback app and Max Pro CRM, but I have modified both of these for use with small businesses, and am in expert in how they are used to greatest effect, and how all three technologies can be used together as a powerful Tech Stack. They make an unbeatable combination!

Are these technologies expensive?

Not at all. The cost of all of these Max technologies is almost laughably inexpensive, and some are free (like the free version of the MaxR app) or pay for themselves several times over (as in the case of the Starfish app and Max Pro CRM).


There will be a totally FREE version of the MaxR App and EZcard, and paid upgrades which give you automation on the back-end and Power Up your Follow Up.


The cash-back app generally returns a 400% - 800% return on the modest subscription (only $60 a year for the consumer, or $5/month average), and there are other significant life, health and educational benefits to the app. One of the biggest benefits is that using the app can prevent consumers from ever paying late fees or interest rates to credit cards.


Automation means profits. That's about all you can say. Building a house with power tools not only saves you time, it saves you tons of money. A well-designed CRM has the same powerful effect on your business.

The Max Pro CRM is a top-rated, world-class CRM that is not only more powerful but much less expensive that almost every CRM out there. Then we add to that value with targeted, professional support from myself and our MTI tech team. We have two live Zoom Tech-And-Learn support calls every week, private support options, and many done-for-you products that are highly affordable.

Not only is the monthly or annual subscription inexpensive (about $2 a day), but we have created sales funnels we call Success Blaster Funnels which we call ... ESSENTIAL FUNNELS that every business owner needs. These funnels can skyrocket your success by giving you lead generation, easy access for your clients, and many ways or nurturing your client base for better support and more sales.


Combine the MaxR App, Starfish App, and Max Pro CRM for unbeatable synergy! Your clients need the one-touch accessibility of the MaxR App to find you and connect with you, the power and automation of the Max Pro CRM on the back end, and the habit-forming fun of using the Starfish App to make your life easy and accelerate your success.

Every time your customers need your services, they can and will buy from you.

Every time they need to reach out to you, you are conveniently accessible.

Every time your customers shop, they will think of you and be grateful!

Book a session with Dr. Max to see how Max technology can benefit you!

Meet Dr. Greg Sanders, aka "Dr. Max"

Dr. Greg Sanders, aka Dr. Max, is an emeritus university professor who went full-time into business in 2016, but has a lifetime career of innovation and leadership,

In 2019, Dr. Sanders was voted as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Southwestern Illinois Small Business Association for his work with mobile technology for business.

Dr. Max is the owner and CEO of Max Tech Inspire, which provides the MaxR App and EZcard, and MaxR Marketing which offers the Max Pro CRM. He is also a Life Leader with the Starfish App and Life Platform, and Founder of The Max Community - an online business support group.

As a teacher, he is patient with anyone who is unfamiliar with technology. He has created many teaching systems to help business owners "learn the ropes" and master the simple technology need for their business.

Dr. Max is a pastor, plays several sports, and is married to Karen, his wife of 43 years. Together they have 4 adult children and 9 grandchildren (as of December, 2023). He enjoys playing the piano, tennis, soccer, and pickleball.

Dr. Greg Sanders, aka Dr. Max

Owner & CEO, Max Tech Inspire LLC

2019 Entrepreneur of the Year

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